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5 Nostalgic '90s Features Revived in the New Nokia 3210 Reboot


If you were old enough to buy a phone in 1999, you likely encountered the Nokia 3210. This new flagship model from Nokia quickly became a highly sought-after symbol of social status and instant communication.Snake.

And now, in the ongoing age of the dumbphone and The enduring fascination TikTok has with the 2000s., HMD and Nokia have resurrected its iconic 3210A. A full 25 years later, the device returns with modern updates such as Bluetooth, 4G connectivity, a USB-C charger, a 2-megapixel camera, and a 2.4-inch screen. Although it definitely has a novelty factor, priced at £74.99, HMD has been releasing similar products for some years now. Nonetheless, fiddling with it has hit me with a wave of nostalgia.

For me, it was really the Nokia 3310, which succeeded the 3210 in 2000, that left a bigger impression when I was 12 years old. Although it was officially my mom's phone, my sister and I would sneak it out of her netball bag and act like we had a bunch of people to call (*dials Nanna*). Interestingly, Nokia re-released the 3310 in 2017.leading Mashable's senior editor, Stan Schroeder, to give up his smartphone for a week.

Nokia is banking on Y2K nostalgiaTo launch these revamped models, they are offering the 3210 in shades like "Y2K Gold" and "Grunge Black." I've been trying out the device in "Scuba Blue," a color that would have perfectly complemented my early 2000s bedroom, which was decorated with a bright blue inflatable armchair, vases of artificial gerberas, S Club 7's debut album, Lip Smackers, and other nostalgic items.Groovy Chick paraphernalia.


The nostalgia evoked by the 3210 highlights just how much you'll come to value your smartphone after using it, especially considering that technological advancements over the past twenty-five years have essentially placed a computer in your hand. Importantly, this isn't a phone review, but rather a '90s kid reconnecting with a reboot, bringing back all the repressed memories and spontaneous bursts of excitement that come with it.

Here are five aspects that instantly took me back to my '90s self with the Nokia 3210, beginning with the most evident fact.

1. I'm still shit at Snake

The Nokia 3210 is likely to be the first thing that comes to mind.Snake on it? Reader, the phone has Snake...with a refreshed appearance and a strong reminder that I was never good at this game and likely never will be.

5 Nostalgic '90s Features Revived in the New Nokia 3210 Reboot

Tactile texting immediately brings back my high school anxiety.

I'm quite a speedy typist — it's an essential part of my job — and I can quickly type messages on a smartphone (though keep that a secret from those waiting for a response from me). However, using the Nokia 3210 is a different challenge. Each raised, tactile button on this classic phone covers three to four letters and relies on predictive text, making the experience quite distinct.


I spent about 10 minutes typing a brief, silly text message on the 3210, and every moment felt like I was reverting to my adolescent nervousness, stressing over which limited words to use. It was a different era.Hilary Duff's "LOL" SMS inA Cinderella Storyhadimpact, people.These days, I tend to quickly send out any random thoughts that come to mind without any careful consideration.

3. The phone actually fits in your pocket

Do you remember when your phone used to fit perfectly in your pocket without sticking out like a beacon for pickpockets? Measuring 122 millimeters by 52 millimeters, the 3310 easily fits into my jeans pocket, giving me the feeling of carrying a discreet burner phone.

4. The camera is low key as hell

It's reminiscent of the Game Boy Camera, honestly. Capturing photos or videos on a 2.4-inch screen with a 2-megapixel camera seems quite unique. Given that it has just 128 MB of storage, you won't be able to take many pictures (though it does support MicroSD cards, so you don't need to worry about that). It offers a few filters, some basic editing tools, and an LED flash, but you'll likely find other options more practical.using a point-and-shoot If you're aiming to maximize the nostalgia factor,.

5. You can play the radio on it

Everyone, come close to my Nokia 3210 for some decent radio reception. Jokes aside, I'm a passionate radio enthusiast and a former radio presenter, though I rarely listen to radio on my phone. I generally prefer using media players on websites. However, with the radio feature on the phone, you can still tune in like the old days.looking for Three Dog on your pip-boy in Fallout.

It can also play MP3s, although I haven't figured out how to load them yet. Since Limewire and Morpheus are not options, I might just stick to listening to the radio.

After approximately a week of experimenting with the revamped Nokia 3210, I’ve realized I can't abandon my smartphone—I rely on features like Maps, Spotify, and WhatsApp.actual appsTo operate, although the 3210 can access the internet via Opera Mini, it is somewhat cumbersome.whenYou can indeed make a connection, and I struggled with this a lot. In the end, it's a charming yet not inexpensive throwback to an old mobile phone. Nostalgia proves to be an incredibly powerful marketing tactic.

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